Twigs was part of a group project to create an educational toy, brand it, then build a website based on the product.


As a group, we created a toy that kids could build and continue to learn from even after the initial building was complete. With Twigs, kids could build a simple cup nest for birds, then observe as a variety of bird species build there homes on it.

In order to keep the toy at a low cost per unit, yet maintain it’s form through the elements, we decided to create Twigs out of wooden blocks, as wood is inexpensive and easier to cut and shape. Each block interlocks together to form a ring, then each ring is stacked on top of one another to form the cup.


In terms of identity, I wanted Twigs to be friendly and fun yet be simple and modern. I began by taking an image of a common bird, in this case the American Robin, and created a highly stylized illustration that wasn’t too detailed and would work in a black and white environment.

I then took the icon and the word mark and combined them in a fun interaction that subtly expresses what Twigs is.


The website focused primarily on the product, how it worked and its benefits. Similar to the logo, I wanted the website to be simple, modern, and focus primarily on the imagery and copy.

I designed and coded a one page website, as it leads the user through vital information before it ends with the purchase page and contact information.