What is NCAS?

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) is a NASA and Oklahoma State University led activity established within the Office of STEM Engagement at NASA. NCAS’s mission is to inspire and engage community college students interested in a STEM degree.

NCAS is a learning experience consisting of a 5-week online course and a 4-day visit to a NASA center. During the 4-day visit, students compete in a robotics competition, network with peers, tour facilities, and meet NASA engineers and scientists.


NCAS began in 2007 and was only held at Johnson Space Center, hosting about 40 students a year. In 2019, NCAS hosted over 900 students and was held at 10 different centers nationwide. As NCAS continued to grow, it was necessary that NCAS established an identity that would remain cohesive and recognizable throughout each center on a variety of platforms.

I began the rebranding process by focusing on NCAS’ audience and using the archive of images to highlight the diversity that NCAS cultivates. I chose specific colors from the mission patch to become the primary color palette. I then created icons inspired by different subjects to be used in a variety marketing materials.

My goal for NCAS was to create a brand that was simple and focused. Using imagery and color to highlight our students, showcase the activity, and keep our mission clear.